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Who's in the Clan    
Clan Leader: Cháotic aka Chaoos


Raited Members:

Members: Knakkert, Quickkillz,

Trials: Pockha, Cortanz, inztinkt, Presikhaaaaf, wizzlowe, v1cious, Doethe,

About FL Widget    
FL widgets stands for Fear less widgets. We are mainly 3 guys who created this clan and were looking for good players who likes to play premade games and are level 30. We are swedish but this will be an english clan cus we want good pepole from all over europe to max out our chanses to be the best one day. We are really active so it will be premade games every day and when we feel that were ready we will start with raited 5v5 and 3v3. first goal is to hit over 2k rait
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